The OrlidermMethod for Treating Eczema

Welcome to the Orliderm website.

I am Dr. Dale Pearlman, a Stanford University trained doctor, specialist in dermatology and founder of Orliderm Inc.  Our office is in Menlo Park, California.

This website summarizes the method I use to treat eczema.  I hope you find it helpful.

What is the Orliderm method?    

The Orliderm method has 3 components:

What is Orliderm ointment?

Orliderm ointment contains the combination of 1% hydrocortisone ointment and Purell hand sanitizer gel. Parents in my practice mix ointment at home from over-the-counter ingredients. The purpose of this website is to teach these parents how to make and use Orliderm ointment for treating their child’s eczema.

Light clothing and soap-free bathing are important

In most cases, Orliderm ointment alone will not control a child’s eczema.

Recommended supplies

You can find the necessary supplies listed on the materials page. If you use the links to order from Amazon, we get a small commission that helps support this website, but the amount you pay remains the same.

Mixing and applying the ointment

Check out our ointment/mixing page for a clear description of how we make the ointment.  The applying page will show you how to apply the ointment.  Please watch the videos, which will help you mix and apply the ointment in the right way.

Getting started

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The goal of Orliderm Ointment is to address several key problems which contribute to the child’s eczema.

  • The skin is very dry and tends to form tiny cracks when the dry skin breaks.
  • Too many bacteria live in this damaged skin.
  • The body’s immune system directs an inflammatory response to these bacteria. Thus we have problems of dryness, bacteria, and irritation.

In order to treat all of these issues the same time, we need an ointment which can address all three problems.

  • We choose an ointment, which is heavier than cream, and is very moisturizing and soothing to the dry and cracked skin.
  • We include alcohol gel, an antibacterial agent, to suppress the bacterial overpopulation.
  • We include a very weak cortisone to reduce the local irritation from the immune reaction.


For an example of eczema treated with Orliderm ointment, click here.

To see Dr. Pearlman’s published study of a prototype of Orliderm ointment, click here.


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