OrlidermEczema Treatment

A free online course

In this free online course we present the Orliderm eczema treatment method.

Orliderm™ eczema ointment contains:

  • No prescription cortisone.
  • No prescription steroids.
  • No prescription corticosteroids.

The successful treatment of eczema does not have to be hard or expensive. Here dermatologist Dale Pearlman shares the eczema treatment that he has used to successfully treat the itch of eczema.

There are 3 keys to successful treatment.

  1. Use the right skin medication. Sometimes simple moisturizers work.  If moisturizers fail, use Orliderm eczema ointment, which we will show you how to mix and apply.  You can mix it at home, using products you can buy from
  2. Dress your child the right way. Overheating makes eczema worse. We will teach you how to dress your child in a way that avoids overheating.
  3. Bathe your child the right way. Dry skin makes eczema worse. We will teach you how to bathe your child in a way that preserves your child’s natural skin oils.


Who is Dr. Dale Pearlman?

Dr. Pearlman received his medical training at Stanford Medical School and has been practicing dermatology since 1978.  He served clinical faculty of the Stanford Department of Dermatology for 32 years.

When he saw that parents and pediatricians were dissatisfied with current eczema treatments, he resolved to find a better way that doesn’t use prescription cortisone.

The result is the Orliderm Eczema Treatment you will learn about in this course.

This is the second time Dr. Pearlman has created a simple treatment to solve a common medical problem.  He developed the well-known head lice treatment that uses Cetaphil® Cleanser and is recommended by many pediatricians.

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