How to Apply Orliderm Ointment

Step 1:

If the skin is wet from bathing, dry with a towel before applying ointment.

Step 2:

Apply three layers of Orliderm ointment treatment twice a day.

Why three layers?

You need to saturate the skin with the ointment. This method assures that you have applied enough ointment.

For the best results, rub in as much Orliderm ointment possible. Apply using the following method:

  1. Apply the first layer of ointment to all of the affected skin.
  2. Apply a second layer to the same areas.
  3. Apply a final layer to the same areas.
  4. Use paper towels or soft cloth towels to wipe off any remaining unabsorbed ointment.

Step 3:

Continue treatment for up to two weeks. You may stop treatment before two weeks are up if the eczema has cleared. When eczema recurs, you can repeat the treatment.



  • Do not apply Orliderm ointment to a child who has active asthma or is wheezing.
  • Do not apply Orliderm ointment to eyelids or other areas around the eyes.
  • Do not apply Orliderm ointment to the delicate skin around the genital area.

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