How to mix Orliderm Ointment

Mixing instructions

Step 1: Combining

In the KOIOS beaker, combine

  • (2) 2-oz tubes of 1% hydrocortisone ointment
  • 22 full “pumps” of Purell(R)

Step 2: Mixing

First, attach the whisk attachment to the KOIOS machine. Next, plug it in. Immerse the whisk into the beaker with the combined ingredients and proceed to mix ingredients together on Turbo setting for 30 whole seconds. It is recommended to hold the beaker in place while whisking. 

After 30 seconds, turn off and remove the KOIOS from the beaker. Using the spatula, transfer the mixture into a sterile specimen cup.

When properly mixed, the ointment should be creamy, smooth and white (like yogurt).

The ointment may be stored up to one year after mixing it. After one year, discard it.

Step 3: Cleaning

Fill up the KOIOS beaker two-thirds of the way with warm water. Add 1 teaspoon of dish soap. 

Using the KOIOS whisk on Turbo setting, whisk the soapy water to clean the container and whisk attachment for 30 seconds.

Once finished, unplug the KOIOS. Detach the whisk attachment and rinse the whisk with warm water. Next, rinse the beaker with warm water. 

Step 4: Quality check

We recommend that you watch the video below to help you make sure that the ointment is correctly mixed.

Step 5: Storage

Put the lid on the container. You may keep the ointment at room temperature during the two-week treatment period. Then store the ointment in a refrigerator.

You may store the ointment up to one year after mixing it. After one year, discard it.

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